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No, you should not exfoliate before sunbathing as it can make your skin more sensitive and prone to sun damage.

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Exfoliating before sunbathing may seem like a good idea to get rid of dead skin cells and achieve an even, glowing tan. However, experts warn against it. According to dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco, “exfoliating can increase sensitivity and vulnerability to UV rays, which can result in sunburn and skin discoloration.” Sunburns can cause redness, pain, and even blistering of the skin, not to mention the long-term damage it can cause, such as premature aging and increased risk of skin cancer.

To further elaborate, exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells, exposing the younger, more delicate skin underneath. This can make the skin more susceptible to damage from UV radiation. Therefore, it is important to avoid exfoliating before sunbathing and, instead, wait until after your skin has cooled down and hydrated post-sun exposure.

In addition to avoiding exfoliation before sun exposure, it’s also crucial to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It’s recommended to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, wear protective clothing, and stay in the shade during peak hours of sun exposure.

In conclusion, exfoliating before sunbathing is not recommended by dermatologists and can increase the risk of sunburn and other skin damage. It’s important to wait until after sun exposure to exfoliate and always protect your skin with proper sun protection.

|Exfoliating before sunbathing?|No|
|Can it make the skin more sensitive?|Yes|
|Can it result in sunburn and skin discoloration?|Yes|
|When should you exfoliate?|After sun exposure|
|What should you use to protect your skin from UV rays?|Broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, protective clothing, and staying in the shade|

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Quote: “I recommend against exfoliating before sun exposure, as this can increase sensitivity and vulnerability to UV rays, which can result in sunburn and skin discoloration.” – Francesca Fusco, MD, dermatologist.

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Exfoliate your skin Aesthetically, exfoliation is an important step before exposure to the sun. It allows the skin to shed dead cells that accumulate and can prevent a uniform tanning.

By exfoliating before sunbathing, you’re removing the dead skin cells and allowing your skin to absorb sunscreen more effectively, which can help to reduce the risk of sunburn. Finally, exfoliating can help you to achieve a more even tan.

Try exfoliating your skin before tanning. Skin that hasn’t been exfoliated is more likely to flake off. Using an aloe vera gel after tanning may also help your tan last longer.

According to Sun Tan City, exfoliating is definitely a must for a smooth and even tan, but don’t over-exfoliate your skin either. "Deep exfoliation can irritate skin, and UV exposure or the application of sunless tanner can make things worse." Veranda Sun Tanning agrees, suggesting you keep your exfoliating practices to no more than once a week.

Without exfoliating, you might end up with flaky skin after a couple of hours in the sun. No one wants to leave the beach with reptile-like skin, so it’s best to exfoliate before tanning.

Exfoliate ahead of time. You’ve probably heard that you should exfoliate before you tan, but for a truly seamless glow, Pradas recommends exfoliating every day for at least two to three days before you tan. "This way you really remove all of the dead skin cells that are sitting on top of the skin ready to come off," says Pradas.

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Professional spray tan artist, Jessica Rae, emphasizes the importance of exfoliating before a spray tan or self-tan to avoid streaks and maintain the best results. She recommends using an exfoliating mitt and a gentle body wash like Dr. Bronner’s to avoid oily residue and maintain the skin’s natural pH level. She suggests exfoliating 24 hours before getting a fake tan and changing the soap used for at least a week to see the best results. Jessica concludes that changing how you exfoliate before a fake tan can significantly improve the results and longevity of the tan.

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Is it OK to exfoliate before tanning?
One of the best ways to prep for your tan is to exfoliate fully. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, which then reveals the fresh skin underneath. This fresh skin is primed and ready to absorb the spray tan solution evenly and deeply. This means that you’ll have a more even tan for longer.
Can you tan the same day you exfoliate?
Never tan straight after exfoliating , says Bronzie tanning expert Eloise Maryam. “Skin needs a chance to settle or the tan may not take as well,” she warns. Allow 24 hours (or 12 at the least) following your latest scrub.
How long after exfoliating can you go in the sun?
two to three days
Then, to lower the risk of sun damage, exfoliate two to three days before spending long periods of time in the sun, which will give your skin time to heal – basically don’t exfoliate the day before going sunbathing.
What happens if you don't exfoliate before tanning?
Answer: If you don’t exfoliate before tanning you will find that your tan won’t really look very good and it won’t last very long. However, if you do exfoliate the spray tan will go to work on your newest skin and hence your tan will last longer.
Should you clean your skin before exfoliating?
The reply will be: However, for best results, a person may consider cleansing the skin before exfoliating. Individuals may remove makeup first with a gentle makeup remover and then choose a cleanser that best suits their skin type, such as oily, dry, or combination.
Should you exfoliate before tanning?
The response is: Read on to find out if exfoliating before tanning is bad for your skin and how you should properly prep before getting your bronze on. According to Sun Tan City, exfoliating is definitely a must for a smooth and even tan, but don’t over-exfoliate your skin either.
How can I prevent skin damage while exfoliating?
In reply to that: To prevent skin damage while exfoliating, dermatologists recommend the following tips: Consider the skin care products you already use. Some medications and even over-the-counter products may cause your skin to be more sensitive or peel, such as prescription retinoid creams or products containing retinol or benzoyl peroxide.
Should I exfoliate If I have open cuts?
Response: Never exfoliate if you have open cuts or wounds or if your skin is sunburned. Follow with moisturizer. Exfoliating can be drying to the skin.

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