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Pond’s Dry Skin Cream contains mineral oil, glycerin, and cetyl alcohol as its key ingredients, which help to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

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Pond’s Dry Skin Cream is a popular skincare product known for its ability to moisturize and hydrate dry skin. Its key ingredients include mineral oil, glycerin, and cetyl alcohol. Mineral oil creates a barrier on the skin to lock in moisture, while glycerin attracts water to the skin’s surface. Cetyl alcohol, although an alcohol, is actually a moisturizing agent that helps to soothe and soften the skin.

According to a review from Healthline, “Pond’s Dry Skin Cream has been around for over a century and is loved by many for its rich, hydrating formula that soothes dry skin without feeling too greasy or heavy.”

Interestingly, the original formula for Pond’s Cold Cream dates back to the 1840s, when Theron T. Pond developed a “healing tea” made from witch hazel and quinine. The tea was eventually transformed into the first Pond’s product, Pond’s Golden Treasure. Pond’s Cold Cream was later developed in 1905 and remains a popular skincare staple to this day.

Here is a table summarizing the key ingredients in Pond’s Dry Skin Cream:

Ingredient Function
Mineral oil Creates a barrier on the skin to lock in moisture
Glycerin Attracts water to the skin’s surface
Cetyl alcohol A moisturizing agent that helps to soothe and soften the skin
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As Audrey Hepburn once said, “And the beauty of a woman, with passing years, only grows!” So take care of your skin and embrace your natural beauty with products like Pond’s Dry Skin Cream.

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The YouTuber in the video compares Ponds Dry Skin Cream to Equate Beauty Dry Skin Facial Moisturizer and notes that Ponds is smoother and creamier than the Equate, but takes longer to rub in. She suggests that viewers try Equate if they’re looking for a more affordable cream, as it is a better product overall, although not as hydrating or long-lasting as Ponds. She advises drugstore shoppers who want to save some money to pick Equate Beauty and use the extra money on other skincare products.

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What are the ingredients in ponds cream?
Is Ponds moisturizer dermatologist recommended?
Answer will be: After all these years of suffering with my eczema, I have finally found a cream that has soothed, moisturized and healed my skin. I am so happy & thankful for this great product. Dermatologists need to start recommending this product to their patients who have eczema.
What does Ponds dry skin cream do?
Answer to this: Pond’s Dry Skin Cream, is a rich hydrating facial moisturizer, suitable for those with dry and/or sensitive skin. This rich creamy formula is easily absorbed in the skin, and locks in moisture, to hydrate deeply while significantly reducing dryness.
What are the side effects of Ponds cream?
Answer will be: Does Pond’s Cold Cream have side effects? There are no known negative side affects associated with Pond’s Cold Cream but, as with any topical product, you should discontinue use if you notice a rash or irritation on the application site.
Is ponds a moisturizer?
Answer to this: Pond’s Dry Skin Cream is a facial moisturizer. It keeps your skin hydrated and reduces its dryness. Moreover, it makes your skin smooth, soft, and radiant. This moisturizer has a rich and creamy formula that the skin can easily absorb. It also claims that it is suitable for all skin types, even on sensitive ones.
Which cream is good for dry skin?
The response is: “Avene Tolerance Cream is my go-to recommendation for dry skin due to its minimal ingredients [and because it’s] loaded with glycerin to support the skin barrier and moisture for exquisitely sensitive skin under more severe weather conditions,” said Levin. Lamb also recommends this Avene product.
Is Ponds cold cream a good facial moisturizer?
Pond’s Cold Cream is a moisturizer that is 50% more effective than ordinary makeup removers.The Pond’s Dry Skin Cream is a good brand for dry skin because it absorbs quickly to replenish
Is ponds cream Good?
Answer to this: Pond’s Cold Cream has received an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars after more than 10,000 customer reviews on the brand’s website. There are many 5-star Pond’s Cold Cream reviews from customers who have been using this product for years — even decades — because they love how well the product works.

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